Having fresh eyes look at a translation is always a good idea. Why? Because this ensures the absolute best quality. A proofreading of a translation uncovers typos and grammatical errors. Stylistic improvements are made and the text is fine-tuned, giving a better flow and making the message even clearer.

The following describes the two types of proofreading we can provide you with:


  1. Proofreading of the original text: We can proofread texts written by non-language professionals within your company.


  1. Proofreading of translations: This proofreading consists of comparing the source text with the translated text to ensure that the content of the source text is conveyed accurately in the translation. The proofreader will, of course, correct spelling errors, incorrect terminology, grammatical errors as well as poor construction of sentences. We also proofread texts that have not been translated by COMUNICA.


All our proofreaders are native tongue translators and work in accordance with COMUNICA's linguistic style guide, which is modelled on the standards for spelling and punctuation, set forth by the respective Language Councils.







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