Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an additional service that we provide, enabling our customers to consolidate their translations and graphic text layout in the same place.

This means:

1. Significant cost savings for the customer.

2. Less for the customer to think about. That COMUNICA can handle the complete process, from the actual translation to the text/graphic layout in any format (PDF, PowerPoint etc.).

3. That the quality of the final result is perfect. We ensure that the final result is proofread. There are often errors in hyphenation, placement of captions and words or phrases when a text has been written in programmes such as InDesign or Photoshop.

It is very normal for the amount of text to increase or decrease by between 10-25 % after it has been translated. It is therefore often necessary to correct the translated text layout from the beginning of a document. This can often be quite a challenge for a graphic designer when the text is written in a language that he or she doesn't understand. COMUNICA work with professional graphic artists and we make sure that the translator who did the original translation reads it through after we have received the new text and graphic layout.

This ensures a 100% professional result.








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