Quality control

COMUNICA’S main priority is to provide work of the highest possible standards. All of our translators have university degrees in translation and language studies. This guarantees that each text is fluent and grammatically correct according to the language. In addition, all of our translators have accumulated specialised knowledge within their area of ​​expertise, such as marketing and sales, finance, technology, medicine and law. This allows us to carefully select the correct translator for a specific translation project and besides we have developed comprehensive methods for assessing their level of expertise.

Test: All translators must pass a strict translation test before we register them in our database. This is to ensure that their abilities match our standards.

Comunica Style Guide: We have developed a style guide in all languages for our translators to follow. The style guide ensures that the translations live up to Comunica's standards. Any doubts regarding grammatical issues or punctuation and the like can be clarified by using the style guide. Comunica´s styleguides have been developed in accordance with the norms set forth by the language councils of the respective countries.

Score Card: Our translators are subject to constant evaluation. Our score card system ensures that the quality of translations continue to live up to Comunica's standards by having the proofreader fill out an evaluation form, the so-called score card, in which a written assessment of language and style is made.

CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation tools): All of Comunica's translators use the most advanced CAT tools on the market. This enables us to guarantee our customers consistency in words, terms and expressions in all of their text material.

A translation tool creates a TM (Translation Memory) that not only guarantees word consistency but also enables a reduction of the word count (= cost reduction for the customer).







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