One of the attributes that set us apart from our competition is our working procedure. Based on the experience of our professional staff and the procedures that exist within this highly specialised industry, we have developed a workflow that fits the needs of our customers and utilises the most advanced technology. This allows us to provide quality work of the highest standard.

The first phase of our unique way of working consists of listening to our customer's needs. We then go about developing a high quality, tailor-made solution as quickly as possible.

This part of the process is taken care of by our qualified project managers. They handle the translation phase step by step, utilise the latest tools to manage the process and are the customer's guarantee that both punctual delivery and strict standards are maintained.

When a project is confirmed our project managers receive the files. They then perform an analysis of the customer's requirements and work out the most effective way to complete the assignment. The appropriate translators for the relevant language and subject area are then chosen. During the translation process the project manager maintains regular contact between the translator and customer. This enables various queries or problems relevant to the translation to be solved along the way.

If the customer wishes, the final translation is sent to specialised proof-readers in each language. The proofreading process consists of the translation being carefully examined and the last details finely tuned, so that the end result will be a translation of the absolute highest quality.

The main advantages of Comunica's workflow are the personal relationships with the customers concerning every detail and our aim to consistently find the solutions that will offer our customer the most satisfactory service possible.











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